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Some Like it Hot

For years I have heard about the benefits from daily use of saunas: whether they be infrared or traditional. Two years ago, when The Health Bar opened, I began to see some of these rumored benefits for myself. As someone who carries a large amount of stress and tension in her body, I thought that by using

the sauna would at the very least help release some of this. Upon completion of my first session in the sauna I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful I felt. I left feeling as if I could drift to sleep peacefully, without any pain in my body -- a feeling that I had never previously experienced. While it was nice to simply "feel better", both physically and mentally, I began to wonder about the science behind these improvements. The literature to which I was exposed seemed to point the finger at heat shock proteins, which play a key role in our body's stress responses. By regularly activating our heat shock proteins it makes our cells more resistant to damage. The more often a sauna can be used, the more profound the effects. Using the sauna in the mornings has become an integral part of my routine. Not only does it improve my physical health but significantly aids in balancing my mood. As someone who struggles with constant worry about her to-do list, I can say that a sauna session is a perfect remedy. Below are links to studies that can help explain the health benefits as well as podcasts so you can learn more for yourself. Especially this winter, I encourage everyone to access a sauna as frequently as you can to help combat seasonal depression and seasonal illness.

References and other links:,resistant%20to%20damage%20and%20stress.,free%20from%20harmful%20free%20radicals.c

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